thailand visa tm30

TM30 Paperwork Now Required for All Visa Types

Although in affect since 1979, TM30 filings were loosely enforced and mainly expected from hotels, focusing on travelers with tourist visas. However, over the last few years, Thai police and immigration authorities have looked to TM30s to keep track of foreigners, particularly those here illegally through overstayed visas or involved criminal acts. Since they may not necessarily be staying at hotels, the full definition of the law is now being enforced. Unfortunately, this resulted in increased bureaucracy for all foreigners, especially those with long-term visas who plan on renewing them.

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guardianship thailand

Guardianship in Thailand: Protecting your Children

Living in Thailand as an expatriate with a family is surely an excellent adventure for children! The opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and the myriad of thrills and learning opportunities that help expand their horizons as they develop into well-rounded adults. But what happens if, unfortunately, tragedy befalls that excellent adventure, and something should happen to you as a parent? Do you have guardianship arrangements in place that Thai law will recognize?

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Is BOI promotion an option for your business in Thailand?

To encourage foreign investment into Thailand, the Board of Investment (BOI) offers a range of incentives for foreign businesses that qualify. Activities and projects that meet investment, structural, and operational criteria receive such benefits as corporate tax holidays, import duty exemptions, land ownership and work permit waivers for foreign employees to name a few.

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foreign business entities

Foreign Business Entities in Thailand: A Comparison

A business in Thailand is classified as a foreign entity if more than 50% of its share or partner capital is foreign owned. And while many people believe their only option is to form a “local” company with a majority Thai ownership to avoid perceived or actual business restrictions, a foreigner can in fact own and operate any kind of business except those specifically restricted.

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